Basic requirements for the design of the thesis


The student writes a thesis in the last year, and it is the result of a five or six years of his training. The volume of the thesis is about 100 sheets (if the work written by hand), about 90 pages (printed version).

Valid languages ??

diploma work, you can write on, Russian or in UkrainianAin languages. Often, almost all students write and defend their thesis in the official language, but students who are citizens of other countries and did not study the Ukrainian language has the right to write and defend their thesis in English and Russian languages ??(this may only be a positive decision Dean on chargeContents written by a written statement to allow it).

Making thesis

Theses need to register on sheets of A4. Also, if you need to draw illustrative material - you can use the format AZ.

Thesis , usually printed on the PC on the 1st side of a sheet of white paper, this time with a text editor Word (the most common fonts: Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman Cyr , Verdana), line spacing -polutorny, font size 14 points (naimenshaya permissible font height 1.8 mm).

The size of the fields that must be followed when printing thesis:

  • top - half   centimeters;
  • bottom - half an inch;
  • right - half   centimeters;
  • left - twohalf an inch.

Thesis should have clear, not vague: numbers, letters, etc.. signs. Absolutely everything you need to do string black average fat content, the text must be the same density.

In the case where   you arrange a thesis on the computer - headers will need to highlight in bold.

Typos and errors

Graphic inaccuracies, misprints and errors can be corrected using the cleanup or brushing white paint and, further, the right variant must be applied by hand or typewritten or in the same place or the same between the lines of the corrected text. On one page, you can do no more than 2 patches.

The main part of the thesis is divided into paragraphs, sections and subsections.

The titles of all parts of the thesis: "Introduction", "CHAPTER""Conclusion", "LIST: UNITS Symbol, abbreviations, terms and conventions", "application", "References", "content" should be printed in capital letters symmetrically to the text. A sub-headings of the thesis should begin with a paragraph, you need to print (except for the 1st title) lowercase letters, underscores, and without a point in contse. When headers are composed of 2 or more proposals - they need to share the point.

The message text of the thesis must be divided into paragraphs, because it is easier to read and show that the author moves to a new approval, the new thought . Also not allowed to break up too much text and separate phrases if they are closely related.

The paragraphs in the text should begin with 15 mm padding. All sections and subsections should contain headers and items often do not have titles.

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