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Many students even 1 year before the issue begin to plan where they will arrive, which will get a higher education. Some choose gossudarstvennye universities, other foreign - because we all know that, in Germany, the United Kingdom or the United States gives Horoshye opportunity for a prestigious job with a high salary. And so those applicants kotoryreshili education abroad should first determine the future of the university, as well as to prepare the necessary documents. And so on the second stage of applicants waiting for a real challenge - a temporary transformation into a responsible secretary for carefullyFirst prepare the necessary documents. What university may require you?

1. Profile of the applicant, which you can fill out online or downloaded from the program or university.

As a general rule, items of the questionnaire are identical with the section of the summary, it is advised to her by fillingdgotovit or polished CV, if you do not have it or it is unpresentable form. Firstly, you certainly worthy CV soon come in handy, and the second - with it much more convenient to fill in the questionnaire. To learn how to make a respectable CV, can be found in particular in the relevant section on the website of the Department of Career LSE.

After the questionnaireblowing fill in the least, because, perhaps, in the process of filling will need to download the finished cover letter and recommendations.

2. The result of examination in English (TOEFL, IELTS, etc..) Or another language of instruction. *

It is important to remember that there are certain minimum resulttat, the desired program is selected. Everything is clear: the more prestigious university you have chosen and the program, the higher will be the requirements to your language proficiency training.

* Exam Result GRE / GMAT. For admission to a degree that directly or indirectly related to the economy mathematics and in most biznes schools must provide the test result GRE or GMAT. If you want to get high scores, it is recommended to allocate an average of not less than six months, on thorough preparation for the exam.

3. Cover letter is the key document forms an impression about you in the selection committee.

A typicalI structure motivation letter, ideally take no more than two pages, is as follows (in paragraphs):

  • short description in order to be covered in this motivational letter;
  • a few words about the school, why did you choose Bachelor's specialty, what were your academic achievements during his studies at the University;
  • description of the experience of training or experience abroad (if any);
  • work or training - a list and description of duties;
  • social activities;
  • the reason why you chose this particular Master Course is in the University;
  • how you can apply this to the selected magisterskoy program knowledge, your plans for the future.

On the Web can find many examples of motivational letters. OS recommends that you use these examples.

4. Letters of recommendation.

depending on the university must Predosatavit from 1 to 3 letters of recommendation. Often this is a recommendation from university professors and / or employers. Please note that letters of recommendation should be printed on the letterhead of your university or employer, signed and include a round seal.

If the university or the program itselfdo not provide the form for a list of specific recommendations or questions to the vendor recommendations, we recommend you use the classic structure of a letter of recommendation (at paragraphs):

  • to whom and for what purpose to provide advice;
  • where concession recommendations knows the applicant, the applicant himselfexpressed as a student;
  • professional quality of the applicant;
  • as concessions recommendations assesses the potential of the applicant;
  • conclusion: the writer recommends the applicant to the master's program.

5. Translated excerpt from the record book or diploma.

Transfer the extract from the record book (transcript) can be independently, assuring a finished translation at the university. But the translation of the diploma must certify the notary, and sometimes put on it apostille. To find out the exact requirements, carefully read the information for applicants, or go directly to the selection committee.

For ease of preparation of the documents suggest that you create for yourself a table containing the names of selected universities and programs necessary documents, language requirements and training deadlines. After all, their organization - an important feature of a responsible secretary!
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