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Classicin interior design preference confident people. Here all the interior details suggest a large abundance master, but in turn this luxury does not flaunt its presence in a classic interior design is natural and justified. Each element of the interior reflects the perfection of artil and taste. It's all with dignity and respectability indicates the owner. In the classical interior design interior space organized proportionally and symmetrically. All rooms are clearly separated from each other. Very difficult and probably still do not possibly fit into the classic interior of the house with low ceilings or maLyonka apartment. Classic style is characterized by simple rectilinear forms, however, despite the restrained planning decisions, he captivates the impeccable decor and finishes.

Rules design of walls and ceilings

For a classic interior design is characterized by the use of special decoration walls. Since the surface of the walls is divided into several zones.
The first - a mandatory ground belt with embossed border (wooden curb or modeling). It may also be a belt from the ceiling of the room. Followed by basement Time: with a vertical wall decor divided into several zones, and depending on its length - its width varies. Also, very often in the walls arrange niche. Walls in turn can be painted, wallpaper paste over the prestigious cautiously drawing or upholster wooden paneling.

In the design of the ceiling classics characterizes plafond painting or as the presence of a complex of stucco decoration. You can also use wood paneling in the form of honeycomb structurep. Flooring - parquet usually. Columns and floor columns are another brilliant piece of classical style. Arrange the columns you can in any room, from the cuisine to the bedroom. Sami columns can be made of marble or have a marble facing.


For the classical style is characterized by restrained, noble scheme. In the interior there are always beige, pale yellow or brown color. It is often used bright greenish hues. Also, as individual accents allowed golden decor. Despite the limited range of colors, designers Can not create mnozhestvo diverse cozy classic interiors. Those who love popular red color can be recommended to use only discreet burgundy shades.

Selection Rules furniture

For furniture in classical interior is characterized by meticulous attention to detail. Furniture legs often decoratedenes carving and curved. For furniture use expensive wood species. Often decorated with inlaid furniture rare breeds. Ispolzovat timbers in different colors: cherry, walnut, Karelian birch.


In the classical setting all the rooms should be well publicized. To do this, usecomfort elegant candle bulb and expensive chandeliers with crystal pendants. Often, there are chandeliers with porcelain shades something like traditional table lamps lampshades. And do table lamps are mainly used for local lighting.


In the classical setting of letterstially dominated by sophisticated draping of expensive fabrics. The material for these may be: brocade, satin or silk. Very often there are curtains decorated with tassels. Soft-colored fabrics used for upholstery. Carpets decorated with geometric patterns restrained and mature in the overall color scheme.

Fundamentalsnye types of decor

In a classic interior design sure to use an expensive decor. Any room in the house can decorate: valuable sculptures in niches and on pedestals, scenic paintings on the walls, a collection of antiques, mirrors in expensive frames, ancient weapons, collectible porcelain. Ordinary glass mOguchi replace the stained glass windows. Another of the values ??of the classic interior - this book. Also be sure to have a fireplace, which is decorated with marble portal. What ever is the center of classical interior - so it's modern technology. In order not to disturb the overall harmony of the interior in most cases, stereos and TVs hide behind sliding doors.

Current trends

In modern interiors often use is not a direct imitation of the canons of classical style, and his stilyaizatsiya. This is especially true when it becomes a classic in a not very large houses and standard apartments. It uses mnogourovnevye construction with drywall instead of plaster ceilings. Traditional sculptural frieze was replaced by modern molding. Blinds are used instead of lush draperies, modern posters - instead of painting and ceramic tile or laminate changing mosaic and parquet floors. Next to the modern built-in lighting very well get CRYSTALe chandeliers. Classic style in the interior remains worthy, elegant and respectable.

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