How to quickly and accurately prepare for the exam


Behind the scenes, but are quickly approaching vypusknіeexams. The point seems not tricky, but what if you put it mildly, a whole year for a walk? How can pass the exam?

There are two options:

  1. Zapisatsya on;
  2. cook for themselves.

Methods of direct and inverse triple-taking

It's no secret that in order to pass the exam must be proficient in the subject. At the same time, applicants and students have very little time for in-depth study of examination subjects. And teachers like when a student is not only a good command of nRedmet, but also can express the essence of his own words. In order to quickly and efficiently learn a new subject, not necessarily spend a lot of time. You can apply the technique of triple forward and reverse note-taking, which requires only 40-60 hours (4-5 days) independent, honest work, however, it is more suitablefor the assimilation of the humanities. Let's start to catch up for lost time and knowledge.

The object of study. Best tutorial.

First, you need to decide what kind of thing you're going to learn and when, to whom and where you plan to take the exam? If you still have 5-6 days, we canete be sure - these days if you did a good job, a great score is guaranteed. First find one of the best books on the subject that you are going to "master" (no more than 300-450 pages). This can be done in 3-4 hours. To do this, you can just call your classmates or friends who passed a similar examination pAnshi.

Reading the textbook

Next, you need to read the textbook, learning the subject matter, the basic terms and the relationship between them. It takes an average of 10-12 hours. The main thing that you had an idea, why this knowledge, and where, when and how to use themfor the benefit of myself and others.

Full synopsis textbook

When you have finished reading the tutorial, you will need to do the first full synopsis of reading a textbook - it is 10-12 hours. Synopsis should be written in such a way that using it, you can clearly and correctly answer theand all questions with respect to the subject teacher. After that, close the textbook and set aside. Continue to work only with their own abstracts.

A short summary of the full

This is where the creative work begins. Now you need to make your own full synopsis korotencue, in which you will already pass the subject matter in your own words. This work should be 6-8 hours. Well, if you manage to pick up a bright associations to the basic concepts and phenomena of the subjects which are taught.

Making new textbook

The next step is the turning pointM: You go from a simple study of the subject in the creative process - preparation of a new textbook. Imagine that write a short guide for my friends, for which it will be necessary to study this subject. For this you need 4-6 hours, using their own short synopsis, do tezisno presentation of the material (the definitionbasic concepts, dates, examples of them). In fact, this tezisno synopsis written by your words, is the content of a new textbook that you start writing.

Playing from memory a brief synopsis

Then in reverse order: You need to tezisno abstractas widely as possible to paint the material that is to reproduce from memory a brief abstract (that's 4-6 hours). You can add a bit of humor and examples from their own experience (if they are well suited to the content written).

Playing from memory full abstract

Similarly with cratkogo abstract you play a full synopsis (that's 8-10 hours). This will be your own textbook on the subject that you tell the truth, not too bad learned.

After all this work, check how exactly do you recreate your own words, the material that was presented in the textbook. If you have enough terpeniya faithfully perform all the work, then, without a doubt, you will have a very deep knowledge of the chosen subject. Successful delivery of the exam and be always smart!

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