Cheap laminate flooring: Pros and Cons

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It's time to make repairs in the apartment! Get rid of, ever,last, from the boring interior and bring some sort of design to please himself, and guests immediately on the spot. They say that you should start from the floor. It seems to be literate people are first determined with flooring and under it have doors and wall materials are selected. Well, in general, well. Gender longer serves as wallpaper you can at least every year nerekleivat or repaint. And still advised to buy laminate for the floor, and the price is acceptable, and   is long.

Why it is better not to save money when buying a laminate and

In stores species Laminate as well as the eyes diverge. At first glance, all the goods are very good quality. But the price of laminate somehow different, some even several times lower. Maybe not worth the extra money to spend, more cheaply? Just saying there is such: « We are not so rich to buy cheaps stuff & raquo ;. Why is it better not to save when buying a laminated floor boards? &Nbsp;
laminated board is produced by a specific technology which for years has been studied and improved global manufacturers of well-known brands. Thousands of scientists and technologists seeking the perfect product quality and compliance with stringent ecologistnical standards. It is no secret that any popular counterfeited goods little known   firms, without complying with the technology and of poor quality materials. In the market of floor coverings such notoriety acquired Chinese laminate .

Chinese laminate

The greatest danger, which the buyer exposes himself when buying cheap laminate and China, is the use of phenol formaldehyde resin in the manufacture of construction. Caught in a house laminate constantly allocates formaldegid, a toxic substance that provokes the development of many diseases, including   cancer. Laminated covering famous brands tested for environmental compliance, do not allow the use of hazardous substances in the manufacture of laminate as well.
A laminated board amountedS THE so-called hardboard, pressed wood fibers bonded by means of resin and compressed under high pressure. The expensive types of laminate and is used more valuable oak, beech or birch wood with enhanced impact resistance. Poplar, which is part of the panels low pricesa marketing category is less resistant to physical influences. Loose wood from moisture and swells rapidly exfoliates. Chinese manufacturers camouflage flaws laminate and made of low-quality wood, by adding green dye. The unusual color of the background is explained as impregnation for povyshennoy water resistance that is absolutely untrue.
The paper, which is part of the top layer of laminate a, impregnated with resin. Here are just a cheap laminate e impregnation only a single layer, for the year, a maximum of two, a layer of lacquer istiraetsI cover comes into complete disrepair. Chinese production laminate and differs more, everything else, and using lump veneer, which also affects the strength of the plate. Good laminate from cheap can be distinguished by locking system. Chinesegoods sins uniformity and low performance castles. Fragility interlocks leads to the formation of cracks and destabilization laminated cover.

The desire to save money when buying a laminate and can lead to unpredictable problems. We the actionsional is not rich enough to afford the annual replacement of flooring in his apartment. Buying a quality product will subsequently pay your money and nerves for unscrupulous producers.

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