Chemical load of bread: additives used for baking


The bread was and continues to be an importantyshim staple Russians. Supporters of a healthy diet recommended daily eat at least 200-300 grams of this wonderful product, it is very important that the bread was natural, no chemical or artificial additives. This bread is not easy to find in stores. In the modern baking more and more widespreadreceive a variety of chemical and biochemical ingredients in mixtures bread : mineral salts, organic acids, enzyme drugs, fragrances, brighteners, emulsifiers, artificial fats (margarines), etc. Most chemicalof substances to be included in the bread , united under the term « enhancers & raquo ;.

The effect of chemical load bread on healthe man

Chemical load bread can not affect our health but the more chemical additives in bread, the easier it is sold. Marketing research results show that the natural bread, notcontaining chemical additives, buyers seem less tasty and fragrant than bread with chemical additives.

Natural bread, wholemeal bread vs « chemical filling »

In words, each consumer is willing to buy healthy natural bread wholemeal, nin fact about this bread uses minimal demand. Rye bread and bread of wholemeal flour virtually disappeared from the shelves. The main reason – lack ofdemand. Natural bread from wheat flour is not as delicious as bread « chemical filling & raquo ;. The struggle between tasty and healthy often ends victory delicious. As you know, demand creates supply. And if the consumer makes a choice in favor of chemistry, bakers will not resist, the more that is usedTable of chemical additives can solve many problems.

name just some of them:

  • food supplements allow to bake bread very lush, which is stored for a long time and is not afraid of mold;
  • Onli ne formulated bread improvers enables to make bread for accelerated technology that eliminates lengthy process fermentation;
  • Use improvers allows good bread from cheaper mence with reduced baking properties, the cost of production at the same time reduced.

Chemical supplements , intended for baking bread

Of course, all xChemically supplements , intended for baking bread , are considered safe and authorized for use in food production, but from time to time, then one, then another supplements found harmful properties, resulting in these supplements transferred from the list of permitted in the prohibited list. The situation does not change for the better, since replaced by one of the forbidden supplements come dozens of new BPednye properties are yet to be established.
Business for the production and use of chemical food additives brings big profits. Questions preservation of health is not interested in either producers or consumers. Meanwhile, many people notice that, being relatively healthy, often lack energy and easy under-Maughan. Often the cause is just food containing a large number of chemical additives, it is absolutely not necessary to the human body.

Eating useful natural bread < / span> can be the first step to strengthen the rearHur. The more often people are choosing bread on the shelves, will give preference to « right » its varieties, the greater will be interested in the development of this trend in baking, the wider and more diverse range of products will be.

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