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The economic crisisWhich began in 2008, significantly corrected many staffing companies, namely departments were abolished and fired employees whose activities did not bring any profit. One of the first pass of dismissal were employees of economic security services companies. Indeed, at first glance, their activities in the normal floordix cases unprofitable. Therefore, many unwise leaders left himself without tools protection from abuse scam.

Fraud in the economic sphere

Now there is a significant increase in the number of fraudulent activities in the economic sphere. Partially favorablethe worsening crime situation has affected the liberalization of the Ukrainian legislation regarding leniency for crimes of an economic nature. As a result of all this, we have an unprecedented still rampant economic crime and complete helplessness before her Ukrainian enterprises usually middle managers(Those who dismissed their economic security).

How not to fall for the bait scams

Kiev « Cassandra » share some relevant caveats regarding how not to fall for the bait scams:

  1. When you are jointbusi- ness (you have a business partner), and at some point you have any significant disagreements with your The business partner, he begins in certain situations behave inappropriately, or it constantly and urgently need money to solve the « cloudy » questions – this is the first signal of trouble. It is possibleyour business partner or « vljapalsja » in trouble and needs money, or found a more promising than you biznespartnerstvo, and now he is trying in every way you « drain & raquo ;. Whatever it was – it is an occasion to reflect good, but better to turn to professionals in the field of economicCoy safety and to clarify the situation with your business partner;
  2. When you regularly enter into contracts with new counterparts, especially in the transportation market, - you play « Russian roulette & raquo ;. Many appeared impossible scam allegedly offering services to the transport of goods from oneregion of the country to another, and even the delivery of goods abroad. All they need - to get to the customer, who urgently looking for a carrier. Accordingly, the carrier retest reliability once (« burn & raquo ;, for example, delivery), and in this case scammers get under false documents and false guarantees is dueenny for transportation of goods, then safely with him disappear;
  3. Very often the victims of scams are becoming customers from other countries in order to minimize the tax potential counterparties (they are scammers) offer their future victims intricate scheme of delivery of goods from one country tothe other, using intermediaries located in the offshore. After committing prepaid fraudsters can not immediately abyss, and some time to feed his « victim » empty promises, they say, the goods already shipped, duly executed and is now being approved, for example, with the customs. Then, suddenly, unexpectedly arise ass problems with the tax (or the same customs office) – scammers like to refer to Ukrainian corruption, – and they begin to beg for the victims paid off another tranche, with the help of which is planned to « close the question » with a tax or customs. After the commission of two or more prepay scammers disconnect your phone from the stopsponsible for e-mail, « go to the bottom & raquo ;, and in some cases « get on skis » - Go on a run. The victim remains without money, and without explanation.
It's only three choices approximate action scenarios scams, but they are all in one voice shouting – you need to carefully and objectively perceive and analyze everything that happens around your business, and once on the horizon there are questionable moments, strange behavior, toroplenie in decision-making, etc. &Ndash; immediately necessary to insure. And best of all it can be done by contacting a professional detective agency, whichprovides security services business, namely engaged in checking business partners and contractors.

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