Insurance on the loan: Is it possible to give?

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In recent years, the loan application proceduregreatly simplified. And almost everyone can expect to receive one or other sum from the lender, depending on the fulfillment of certain conditions of the latter. There are new programs that offer bonuses, increased interest rates – In general, banks are doing everything to be possible to attract new customers. And everything is goodOh, if only some of the services the lender does not impose its customers. And one of them is life insurance, health disability and so on. Moreover, some loans altogether impossible can be issued without insurance.

Why do we need credit insurance?

It's no secret that today the types of loans the setin. They can be mortgage, consumer, and so on. Consequently, each type of loan your insurance conditions and requirements of the bank. In particular, the consumer lending (when there is no collateral for the loan) the borrower is simply obliged to insure their health and life. In a situation where the insured event occurs, then pay with a bankwill be the insurance company.

On the one hand, you can explain the need for insurance, because the loan term and long enough with a man can go through anything. And everything is good, but any insurance affects the overall cost of the loan that is not like all borrowers. For example, life insurance and health ofoydetsya somewhere in the 20-30 per cent of the cost of credit. Very often, insurance costs exceed the amount of the principal debt.

Thus, a logical question whether it is possible refuse of credit insurance?

All lawyers unanimously repeat that Articlerahovanie should be carried out only with the consent of the borrower. The same rule is written in the law of the country (Art. 935 of the Civil Code). But these laws are not always respected banks. Moreover, the customer often later learns about the need for insurance. Man, suspecting nothing, puts his signature on the contract, the consultant says that insurance does not preampfor the taking. In fact, the monthly installments say quite the opposite. Thus, a careful reading of the contract is mandatory. In this case, all the misunderstood points should be clarified before signing the document.

If the contract has been signed, and the « surprise » detected only after some time, you need to Obraschatsya court. This is true if the client was not warned in advance about insurance. It is necessary to put forward the demand to change the terms of the contract. Even if the person knew about such additional obligations and deliberately went to sign the contract, then he has every right to file a lawsuit with the requirement to remove the item from the insurance contract. But notbanks that provide such developments and put a condition on which the client in case of failure of the insurance will have to pay a higher percentage. Then we'll accept it. When no such item, you can go to court and even the CPS with claims and complaints.

What banks say about the need for security

The most interesting is that in the event of the borrower question about the need for security, all banks behave differently. Some people just refuse to issue the loan, and the second to raise interest rates (the second option is more common). Increasing rates – this kind of protection against potential bank risks. If the question is this way (or insurance rate hike), it is necessary to begin to calculate their costs, and only then make a decision. Both options are not suitable? Then it makes sense to look for another credit institution.

Thus, every person who has decided to issue the credit, has the floortion entitled refuse by insurance. You just need to go to the bank and make your wish. In this case, at the hands of the borrower is given a special form of failure that must be completed and signed. After that, the bank must create a new schedule, which will not be taken into account insurance. In case toGDS lender refuses to issue the client's decision to refuse from the insurance, you can safely go to court. As for the mortgage, the property insurance is mandatory and refuse can only health insurance.

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