Mail Santa Claus: Christmas theme on postcards and stamps


New Year . Funny and touching customs accompany this date. New Year's Eve is complete without gifts and wishes of joy, happiness and success. This good tradition was born a long time ago - in 46 BC. e. in ancient, cohyes Julius Caesar identified key « rules » celebration of the new year. And in our time with a memorable festive miniature text, among other gifts get collectors and stamps. Since then, as there were postcards and stamps postage stamps, in great demand among buyers enjoy the New Year andChristmas stories, and publishers do not miss the opportunity to print these holidays a huge variety of products illustrated: stamps, envelopes, postcards.

Pre-revolutionary Russia

In prerevolutionary Russia, mainly produced Christmas postcards,with the image of children, angels, domestic festive scenes.

Soviet Russia

In Soviet Russia propaganda mail subject for a long time and replaced the more Christmas Christmas stories from circulation. Christmas   postcards timesGreat Patriotic War were also more propaganda than greeting.

50th year

Only in the 50s of the last century produced ASE with Christmas stories, and in 1962 appeared in circulationand stamp and perforated and imperforated variants, which is placed on the coupon text « Happy New Year! ».

However, the Christmas collection of stamps of Soviet opens not this miniature. Two years earlier, on the 90th anniversary of Lenin's birth, published 20-kopeelingual miniatures, created after the drawing Zhukova « In. Lenin and Krupskaya on the Christmas tree in Sokolniki & raquo ;.
When meeting with Soviet Christmas thumbnail inquisitive collector involuntarily recall the words of the great poet: « All roads converge at the Russian Kremlin & raquo ;. Many times the theme of the Moscow Kremlin is reflected in the newUseful miniatures: the Kremlin and its silhouette on stamps; Spasskaya Tower and chimes; Ruby star on one of the towers.

Some signs of postage mapped fun Christmas tradition. The ringing of bells, the roar of firecrackers and crackers, song and dance - traditional entertainment novogodnyuyu night. It has long been a man while in captivity superstition and religious dogma, and trying to get rid of the dark forces and call in your house good spirits, naively believed that indiscriminate firing of guns and rifles and revelry will help him to save his soul. So the New Year firecrackers, sparklers, toy bells and candles, imagese, for example, in marked envelopes and many bilateral art cards, — a tribute to the ancient traditions.

Portrait of Santa Frost < / span>

Most novogodthese envelopes and postcards placed « portrait » Grandfather Frost < / span>. Grandpa still very "young": the first mention of it belong to the forties of the XIX century. Now after 150 years, a funny old man in aThe red cap abiding symbol of the New Year and Christmas in many homes around the world: North America — Santa Claus, France — Pere Noel, Finland — Joulupukki. They also often depicted on stamps and postcards of these countries.

How come Santa Moroses? This question gives the answer funny stories stamped envelopes and stamps in different years. There's Santa Claus travels by plane, by car, along with the company of heroes of popular cartoons and, of course, on the Russian troika.


Andnakonets tree, another traditional attribute of New Year and Christmas holidays. Spruce ancient Slavs considered tree bringing happiness and peace. Decorated in the glow garlands, she meets us chiming clock of the Spasskaya Tower. Shows a tree of peace and postage stamps. Among these issues — hundreds of brands and a large number hudozhes-governmental stamped envelopes.

Christmas theme has taken a worthy place in the collections of collectors of antique and modern postcards and stamps. It is notable that each ordinary instance, dedicated to this joyous celebration, collectors willt rejoice always, until the children and adults comes Santa Claus and there is New Year .

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