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Alaskan Malamute - dog, which is the druzhelyubnoy with people. It is known to survive after a heavy colds, this is a very strong dog. Alaskan Malamute - a descendant. They were called Eskimo tribe Malamute who first tamed them. Surprisingly, the dogs are gentle and love to be around people. They have strong canine instincts and become faithful andreliable companion for adults and children. Although they can be taught politeness, however, they can not be forced to join the formal obedience, as is done with trained dogs in the circus.

Features breed Alaskan Malamute

Eyes and wool

It may look intimidating with its train, mindalevidnoy form of eye color and double coat. A dog can combine colors like gray, reddish, black and white. Since Malamute is a product of living in the snow wolves, he tends to have large paws. The dark eyes of this breed are considered family, and blue eyes cross between.

Terms of habitat

This needs a friendly atmosphere and a huge open space. If you live in an apartment, it is better not to have this breed. They are known to destroy the furniture throughout the apartment as chickens. Playful and enthusiastic as a puppy, it should be a fair amount of restraint and feel firm hand of a masterOtherwise not discipline. Although they seem huge, they have a double coat that creates a misleading view of their size.

Dog instinct

Alaskan Malamute should have the right to exercise their canine instincts that are generated from their childhood, to grow, to be calm and adults sobakami in his adult life. They are also playful and fighters by nature so they tend to rush into a fight with the dogs of other breeds, as well as their breed. Only routine forms of discipline should be administered to the dog grew and over the years has been able to curb these habits and inclinations.


Since thesedogs are descended from wolves polar, they should be stored in cool temperatures. They may not be pleasant company during the summer. If you have a special area for the dogs, make sure that there is good and they keep the bowl filled with cool water. They are very active and playful in nature; therefore, they require a lot of exercises thats will be able to channel their energy in the right direction. Long walks perfectly retain their health.

With a significantly long service life of about 14 years, these dogs are a good friend to your children. They are known to have survival instincts due to habitat where they came from. They are not prone to frequent barking, but they tend tolo, screaming that resembles a wolf.

Anthropometric data

They can grow to a height of about 62 cm. The females grow a bit smaller and grow to about 58 cm. They weigh from 38 to 40 kg, while bitches weigh between 34 to 36 kg . Considering the difference in height and weight, males are dominant in thisbreed. When they mate, the female of the litter is usually obtained approximately 4-6 puppies.

Alaskan Malamute is also known as small or Mali. He is a wonderful breed, which is ideal for companionship.

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