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Construction and Repair – the case, as ofknown, troublesome, consuming an enormous amount of time, effort and, most importantly today, money. That is why it is so important to find the best compromise, allowing to minimize efforts and investments, save time and, thus, get a good result: a beautiful, high-quality, durable and, most importantly, safe for life and wellovya and environment. In this regard, building technologies have received particularly active development, offering a wide range of scientific and technological progress for each case and for every taste and budget. One of the most urgent issues during construction works is the choice of floor covering. What SELMen: laminate, parquet or linoleum can?


What about the floor: beautifully, naturally, but expensive, not all facilities are often not suitable in style. With respect and care for him, he is very moody and time consuming.
Today is alsoYou can buy floorboard – actually valid replacement flooring. Not so capricious as parquet, has a more attractive price, naturally, is more convenient in installation, dismantling, care. However the same is not always appropriate in a particular interior can be contraindicated for use in mom or other premises in accordance with its purpose and features: public spaces with high load, cold rooms and rooms with high humidity. Not a great number of options for coloring and patterns.


Even 15-20 years ago is onetively feasible option than wooden structures plank floor, linoleum was characterized democratic value, it is quite attractive appearance and the widest variety of colors, patterns, imitations, texture, and structure. Nevertheless, even this floor, as well as flooring, the price of which still remainscheap, has some drawbacks. For example, when the relative ease of laying (floor) and care, linoleum, nevertheless, will not have the grand appearance of the floor, to which we aspire, is synthetic, attracts dust, is not subject to a partial repair and restoration (only full replacement coverage) .


became possible back in the 90s, but for various reasons until the early 2000s.   in our country it is not widely used. A major role was played by the natural distrust of its performance characteristics and properties. It Yet, to date, it is known why more and more people in the world bygive preference to this type of floor covering in the construction and repair of both private residential facilities and public spaces, commercial, administrative and residential and other.

The advantages, though not completely natural, laminate are:

  • The price of laminate , which at times can sometimes be lower than price floorboard . Not always. But even the most robust and highly moisture resistant laminate will not cost more the most expensive single-lane floorboard, and this despite the fact that he is much more functional;
  • A wide selection of colors and textures, the ability to choose the option for any interior wood, marble, stone, pattern, solid fill, gradient and much more. At this price on the laminate will not depend heavily on the figure, more of the strength and quality class protective resin used, but apparently not always it can bedistinguished from expensive parquet;
  • This type of flooring is totally safe for health and natural, hypoallergenic, does not accumulate dust and harmful microorganisms, unpretentious in care;
  • Laying laminate with wellochetaetsya with underfloor heating technologies;
  • Buy laminate – thus saving time and energy laying, to be quiet on account of its resistance to wear, abrasion and deformation, as well as fire safety.

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