The choice of the foam block: its main properties and dimensions of

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When selecting the size of blocks, must pay inunderstanding of its thickness, since it affects the thermal insulation and taking on all bearing loads. For example can be any size, but nevertheless, their length is limited by the visitors up to 600 mm.

The size of foam blocks used in construction

There are wall concrete blocks with the followingyuschimi dimensions: thickness — 200 mm, height — 300 mm and a length of — 600 mm; and concrete blocks for walls with a thickness of 100 mm. Should pay attention to the fact that one large block (300h400h600) weighs a lot more blocks in standard sizes with the same density. This can make it difficult to masonry foam blocks.

Concrete blocks of various sizes used in construction. The most popular is foam concrete blocks with dimensions of 200x300x600. Masonry on the edge forms a thickness of 20 cm, suitable for exterior walls of buildings with insulation and interior walls, non load-bearing. If you put a block flat wall thickness of 30 cm will. This thickness mozhno used for external walls without insulation, as well as partitions, load-bearing.

block size 200h400h600 allows you to build outer walls. Thanks to 40-cm thickness does not need more heat and sound insulation.

Foam with dimensions 100x300x600 commonly used for the construction of the walls, do not carryload partitions or for insulation balconies.

The properties of the foam blocks

Density « D »

The density (« D ») — mainly 400-800 kg / m3. For example, a weight of 1 m3 foam concrete blocks having a density of D600, will be about 600 kgbution humidity. Density is important to calculate the load on the foundation.

Density « B »

Strength (« B ») — of this parameter depends on the strength of the entire structure. It should pay attention to the time of purchase, as the foam block has itsystvo accumulate strength in service. This can be used by unscrupulous manufacturers, neglecting the term drying and shipped « raw » blocks.

The thermal conductivity of

The thermal conductivity — important property of the foam block, through which it is so popular. Eof low density contributes to a better thermal insulation. And accordingly, concrete blocks with high density and strength plays in insulation. Therefore, to the house was warm and strong, you need to look a certain ratio between strength and thermal conductivity for each individual case.

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