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This unique element of the interface across Windows operating system plays a very important pol simple convenience of all the work on your computer. That's it for this, all current developers simply do not pass it to all their attention and even when compared with a simple Windows XP, a quality 7   it just evolved a few, and just found a new and unique functionality of his.

Whothat of ordinary readers just do not know it for themselves is nothing new, and some may even well will discover new ways the most effective work on a modern computer. Let's take a good look at all the features in the simple use of a unique Windows 7, as well as touch on the big issues of our privacy is simples movements.
The most important innovation of the qualitative comparison with a simple Windows XP consists precisely in the fact that just now address the unique line shows all the way in the form of individual folders and shared their triangle. This, of course, not done for a simple beauty, namely for a very quick and convenient modern navigatsii the entire file system of the modern computer. When did you move the mouse click on your desired item, it is well illuminated, even if it just hit, you move quickly, of course, right in the place on your hard drive. That even now, just to move on 3 levels it up you only onesimple mouse clicks. By the way, an easy way to open your folder in a new Explorer window is also described here.

However, it is not even all that clicking on a node separating the entire triangle, will your current shortcut menu with a list of subfolders for this is your folder. Another simplebubbled words, is now very simple, you can not just go to a few simple levels up, but just quickly move it to any other folder, or even your root logical drive.

Modern navigation menu of your address line

It is of course very well, but what to do whenyou really need to copy the entire current path in the buffer exchange. In fact, now it is a very simple and it is always possible to do it   a few simple ways. You can just click it on empty space in your current address bar of Windows Explorer 7, and it just immediately transformed into the most ordinaryfirst appearance familiar to us directly under the old XP. Now simply copy the way with a simple mouse or the same combination was hot keys. However, this is always possible, and even a little bit easier, it is enough to click on the address bar of their right of your mouse and your menu to select a point « Kopirovats address as the text » and he himself would be in the clipboard.

The unique context menu

You just have noticed that this is where there is a simple version of « Copy your address » and maybe you've tried it simple to choose. Surely you have more than a simple result of the choirOsho surprised. The case itself is that the name of the item, this contemporary menu is not quite good compliance of their unique actions. In fact, always copied your entire folder and all its contents, not just all the way to it, so just the end result will be well depend precisely on where you are always An attemptaetes insert it. The most logical is now pasted into your Explorer window itself (but not in your address line). Item of the menu « Edit address » equivalent to just click LMB on an empty seat to all the unique Explorer address bar. Now, just as before, your address, you can dial it from your handher keyboard.

The helpful modern users of your computer probably just pay more attention to what is on the right at the end of your line is, another unique triangle pointing down easy. A simple click on it it opens a full list directly with the ways introduced neposrectly into your address bar of the Explorer of Windows, which always allows you to quickly and easily navigate through it. It is very convenient, but sometimes you just want to always make it some, then just change or even just delete.

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