Thermal insulation of the roof

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The question of whether a simple work on annomu warming Roof simply does not occur even in modern man, a little familiar with all building unique technologies. A long time ago proved that it is of poor quality insulation throughout the roof leads to a large loss of 10-15% of the energy expended directly on the heatingthe entire room, that is, all of every 15 rubles simple hundreds just literally thrown out into the street.

Therefore, it is a question of how well and properly insulate the roof, itself requires a detailed and high-quality review, and.

Steps whole complex of modern insulation Roof

Very high quality thermal insulation of the unique roof can just only get at the big implementation elaborate and well-developed project. In a simple set of reduction of heat loss through the entire roof includes the following unique event:

  • Warming entire attic floor. In fact, just it is the first and foremost modern barrier is warm air tends to leave all the accommodations. With just his absence, and even under the most modern quality insulation of the roof itself, you'll always heat your attic, it is unlikely that xcall watered economically feasible option.
  • Direct thermal insulation throughout the roof. Warm all the ventilated roof itself is the second large loop to protect the building against loss of heat throughout. With a large performing this unique phase must be clearly and accurately comply with the order just warming Roof , which simply recommend a specific manufacturer.

Warming of the attic is modern overlap

Backboard unique floors, including attic and all are executed or concrete plates, or all bearing beams. Methods just utepleniya practically does not just different, except for the simple necessity of quality insulation is placed between the beams. The basis of all modern high-quality thermal insulation of steam, it is the most reliable, prevents direct hit from all dwellings in a large heat-insulating layer is uniquethe material is saturated with moisture in the air.

Currently, our time is always extremely popular method for gaining quality insulation unique and very warm with a brush. This modern material in a simple liquid state always has the excellent fluidity, it always provides a practical unilocally and very high-quality sealing all floors. In a large polymerization process is always formed a simple coating of its unique heat engineering characteristics did not yield all the traditional simple insulation. Therefore, it is in solving your problem both qualitatively insulate the roof, calculate and present theoption. Remember that it is a good warming your Roof will always help you to save a lot more heat than you can expect.

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