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iMacros is a software that allows you to simulate and automate any human actions in the browser.

According to the developer, iMacros was uploaded 9,000,000 users, but only 240,000 users actively use the application (i.e. only 3 percent of all people who have installed above this product found it with the appropriate application. And there is nothing strange, because when you 1st look at the technical documentation it is very difficult to discern the amazing, the amazing features of this application.

therefore in order to make life easier for the average user professional programistam was created of all kinds , which are now in abundance you can find the Global Web. And then we will look at iMacros more details.


There are 2 Islands ways to install iMacros:

  1. as a standalone application (only for Windows);
  2. as extensions (Adon, add-ons) for your browser (IE, Chrome or Firefox).

Hello world

the Main reception that would be worth study is the record of various actions in the browser and then playback. In order to do this, we must go to the tab "Record" (it is located on the panel in the lower left corner of the screen) and click the "Record Macro". Then in Google search type in "Hello world" and press "Enter". Next, click "Stop" (it is located directly under the button "Record Macro"). That's all: iMacros generated code that you can, in turn, repeatedly edit and run.

macro recording Function allows, without looking once more at the technical documentation and to automate the simplest tasks, not bothered, while writing code.

Remember: in Google Chrome 1/3 iMacros commands not working (what, refer to the technical documentation), it is therefore better to use the Firefox browser (it is available 90 percent of all possibilities) or IE (it has the full functionality).

Supported languages:

  • ASP.NET;
  • ASP;
  • C++;
  • C#;
  • FoxPro;
  • Delphi;
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Perl;
  • Power Shell;
  • Python
  • TCL;
  • Ruby;
  • VBS;
  • VBA.

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