Features of higher education in North America

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Once upon a time we all know that the education system in the United States, is one of the nhe most prestigious and sought after. In the top ten world statistics guaranteed to get universities included eight universities (universities and institutes), which are based in the United States. Public and private training programs designed for efficient development and securing the required level of knowledge and gain general scientists stepenalties (eg, bachelor's or master's) are characterized by a wide variety. To date, education in the United States has a wide reputation and popularity among his foreign competitors. All students who were able to get the local higher education, have a wonderful chance to stay with a residence permit or work. This ensures Usetion of all the good of the country on an equal footing with citizens of the United States. Education in the United States is provided not only legally and socially. An important fact is the world's best level of medicine available to everyone. Universities and institutions have decent classrooms, library, modern entertainment and educational centers for recreation, neweyshee equipment. All institutions of higher education (as, indeed, and the system of Colleges and Schools) in the states are divided into public and private sectors. Accordingly, public universities and schools are provided by the state budget, and private - at the expense of the board of trustees. Students, of course, much more in the form of institutions with state fundingtion than in private. The reason is that the cost of training is much lower.
The advantage of a foreign system is manifested in the fact that everyone wants to have the ability to change one institution to another for objective reasons. Naturally, it becomes possible after the date of transfer exams. The most popular universities are: GardWard, Yale.

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