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The current level of development of thetechnologies, particularly the Internet, has opened a limitless possibilities in the field of communication. Speed ??and volume of information dissemination is not increased at times, and hundreds and thousands of times. However, the translation activity and communication in the virtual plane, based on a certain mathematical algorithms, makes communication just as wide,and how vulnerable. This statement is very true, because any basic algorithm, which is used in common Internet communication systems, if the presence of a specific knowledge base in the field of mathematics and computer systems, it is easy to crack, and thus gain access to confidential or proprietary sometimes Yingformation. This once again proved by the example of Hollywood celebrities, whose "home photo", became available to the general public. In the business environment, especially a large or state, the issue of confidentiality should, more than ever, and important information is the most urgent problem . AtHowever, the use of closed systems and state special communication can hardly be possible for obvious reasons, but the use of secure servers such as VIPole seems quite justified. Reliability and security of data in this case provides a multi-tiered system of data encryption, based on complex algorithmsTmax symmetric and asymmetric type.

Control access to information and its protection is implemented by three-level scheme:

  • Protection of access channels to dedicated servers VIPole;
  • The encryption process input and output data;
  • Protection of access keys to the cipher data.

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