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Everyone who decides to implement at least some of the well-known phrase (build a house, plant a tree, raise a sona) in terms of the construction of your home, be sure to contact with a large number of problems, in particular with the choice of material for the construction of the foundation, walls, ceilings. If the foundation of everything is clear - there is practically no alternative to concrete, the walls are used in the construction of completely different materials, ranging from the traditional wood and kirPietsch, the innovation of foam concrete. Distinguish it from the traditional concrete is a composition and method of production. As with conventional concrete, comprising cement, sand and water as main components of the mixture, but, it does not contain gravel, granite sifting and various additives (e.g., plasticizers). Instead, it contains another important computeronent, which is responsible for the formation of the structure of foam - foaming agent. Due to foaming, Fiery Furnace cement mixture gets mesh (porous) structure. A characteristic feature of any porous material such as sponge structure is an independent bubbles (pores), that is, each of the bubbles located in the interior of concrete alonehaving no direct connection with the others. Another difference from the conventional concrete, it is the final form: no foam is used to fill conventional (for example, the tape base) and formed into individual concrete blocks (bricks analogue). They are used for fast erection of walls, the base or additional thermal insulationilyatsii. Another no less important feature is the static foam curing.

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