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Indian women of old were famous for their beauty, mystery and noznaniyami in marital and sexual life. And even in that distant time, a woman had to somehow bewitch choli her man, and to do so without the proper appearance is extremely difficult. But what to do with them, when the hand was not as huge assortment of cosmetics, there was no shampoos, creams and such funds for the care ofskin and hair, which have modern women? The answer to this question is quite simple and at the same time, quite unexpectedly, from the point of view of the modern woman, far enough away from the primitive nature. They used coconut oil, as, indeed, use it, and now, right in conjunction with various creams or milk. On the Patrioticgovernmental market have the opportunity to purchase a coconut, which is supplied by Biofarma. It is produced at home in India, clearing natural coconut oil under high pressure. It does not add third-party impurities (stabilizers, emulsifiers, coloring agents), which guarantees the preservation of all of its properties. It is believed that the coconuthowling oil is the best natural remedy for hair and skin nutrition. Oil strengthens the hair along the entire length, the regeneration processes. Furthermore, coconut oil - is a natural barrier against excessive UV radiation. Used in everyday life with burn injuries, accelerates the regeneration of wounds, cuts. Besides hair proved its effectiveness in aboutelations skin, e.g., as a component of creams for the skin. Due to regular use of oil Parachute, the skin becomes more velvety, soft, natural barrier appears to chapping.


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