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If you were suddenly asked Mr. Street “ Sayplease, what you assotsiruetsya word woman? & rdquo ;, you to answer? Many will remember the well-worn and publicized   phrases such as “ beautiful half of humanity & rdquo ;, “ the standard of beauty ” and another mountain epithets different caliber, which would have appreciated a woman's beauty, intelligence, conscience, etc. All these rightsand the woman who admired her revered, honored and hopefully always will be read. But is all rosy as in the song? Enough after a hard day, night, week to look at yourself in the mirror, as it becomes clear that the conditions in which we live and work, is the food we eat and the lifestyle that we are clearly not sootvetsexists a high maintenance of ideal image, which is sung in more than one verse. The combination of all these factors, the skin of women, especially on the face, ostavlet poor. Various spots, pores, dark circles under glazavmi not paint, but rather create a disgusting   effect. Get rid of it, you can use the tone cream pudture from Max Factor. It is an ideal tool to solve all your problems. It is characterized by an innovative framework based on the water and when you touch takes liquid state. This allows a more evenly distribute the cream over the skin of the face and, as a consequence, to achieve even, smooth surface. It is perfectly hides all nedstatki make it better, with a barely noticeable smooth radiance.


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