Cotton gloves and their manufacture


Gloves - this type of clothing for hands, which provides fortdeleniya for each of the fingers (unlike mittens). Historically, mankind has to deal with a similar accessory for quite some time (there is archaeological evidence that even the ancient Egyptians used them). Both from a historical and contemporary perspective of gloves can perform very personal features (such as, Fashionathletic accessory) and practical, as a means to protect your hands from injury in the performance of professional duties. Their use argmentirovanno not only common sense, but also the requirements of the guidelines on occupational safety. In carrying out the various production duties, gloves are used to protect the delicate skin of the hands from chemical-algebraic, biological and mechanical effects. The glove material selected from the point of view of work performed, and hence the nature of the potential impacts. In this regard, the gloves may be rubber, latex, cotton, etc. Recent particularly common, as are used to perform a variety of household, buildingspruce, Smith. By the way, the company "Avantpak SOUTH": Gloves B and other polymer products produced for 14 years and sells the most affordable prices. Cotton gloves are very practical to use. They are used in light industry. These gloves increase the adhesion of the coated articles with hands and lesswiped and last much longer than usual. Cotton thread does not cause allergic reactions, being completely natural. When producing gloves x / b used such materials: latex, cotton thread, thread of medium thickness. For their manufacturing needs knitting machine, which should have a few needles at once (they allow onetemporarily create many pairs of gloves). Also requires equipment for coating PVC. Upakovanka occurs in the final stage.

Manufacturers gloves x / b consists of several steps:

  1. going raw is not suitable graded out;
  2. sets theed to the machine reel to main thread added rubber;
  3. Plays an important role in the manufacture of their size and the program. In the event that defective gloves, first select them and then packed;
  4. The final stage - applying a layer of polyvinyl chloride, to dry completely.

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