Metal-ceramic crowns: the advantages and disadvantages

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, 20:22

Having a complete, smooth, whiteosnezhno sparkling dentition is the dream of every modern man. This is largely due to the influence of Hollywood trends and ways of life. Unfortunately, the way of life of modern man, in spite of cutting-edge science and technology, including in the areas of health, contributes only tooth decay. Incorrect pitanie harmful to teeth products, habits, bad environment, heredity and lack of care leads to constant problems with their teeth. Caries, periodontitis, pulpitis - all without an appropriate response leads ultimately to adentii- absence of individual teeth (or their parts) or a large part of the dentition. All this leads to thatmu, "smile" man becomes mildly unsightly. Can solve this problem by installing a faulty tooth enamel cermet analogue top of the tooth. To date, cermet is the best option in dental prosthetics in terms of harmonious relations aesthetic appearance, standingspine and strength. The designs of tooth is a composite system consisting of a metal frame on the basis of gold or Cobalt alloy and ceramic head modeling. By the way, in the clinic, "Your Dentistry" applied ceramics known brands: CERAMCO, DUCERAM, VITA. Ceramics is held in the frame due tospecial application technology: ceramic is applied in layers, each time yielding high temperature firing.
Despite the visual appeal and the presence of a number of objective advantages such crowns are also a number of shortcomings that should look for when choosing a method of prosthetics:

  • nNecessity to remove a thickness of 2 mm over the entire enamel surface of a tooth;
  • the need for preliminary depulpatsii tooth, to avoid the development of inflammatory processes in the future.

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