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As the history of many famous fashion brands, not all of them are at the dawn of itsher activities were engaged in that brought them worldwide fame. This fully applies to the famous perfume brand Armand Basi, Nechayev its activities in the mid-twentieth century in the resort sunny Barcelona. Then the main dohodomkompanii was Scottish yarn, from which manufacture and sell knitted fabric. And so to the company andspecialized in the fabric industry, if after 50 years since the discovery of someone suggested to produce perfumes. Since then passed for fifteen years, which brought the world some fairly well-known in this environment flavors. Analyzing products Armand Basi, should immediately be noted that this production level is high enough, in tom including price. For example, a 100 ml bottle of one of the most vibrant flavors of costs an average of more than 600 UAH. This fragrance perfumers embody the passion, humor, emotion Spanish woman and all that is generally associated with Spain. Its red bottle - like a handkerchief, before inviting a bull's eye on bullfighting. This charming, passionate flamenco danceo. This is something that can tame any real man and make it just a slave to female beauty. In Red Eau de Parfum - this fragrance, which combine diverse notes, which ultimately gives him such a force ukrotitelnuyu:

  • top notes - flower (flower landysh, violet, rose, jasmine);
  • heart notes - fruit (bergamot, mandarin, cardamom);
  • basic notes - wood (wood, moss, amber).

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