Omega-3-containing foods

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Any substance, food has shirokoupotreblyaemoenational, routine name, which necessarily has its scientific counterpart, which depends on the composition of the product. This story concerns known to all of us since childhood fish oil. He is one of the most effective nutritional vitamin complexes, and probably every one of us in childhood, at the insistence of parents or, moreprobably grandmothers used this product, especially during his illness. The scientific name of the product - Omega-3. In fact, it is a biologically active complex, complex BAD, so to speak. By the way, is considered one of the best fat red fish: salmon, salmon, and so on. D. On the basis of rybego fat made a lot of biologically active compleksov including dietary supplements NORWEGIAN Fish Oil. Its composition is rich in various fatty acids (docosahexaenoic, eicosapentaenoic, alpha-linolenic acid) and vitamins A, D, E. The modern man, in spite of a pretty impressive advances in science technology and medicine has become much more vulnerable to serious diseases. The thing is thatin their quest for increased comfort, lost touch with nature, not only in the motor, tactile, but also in terms of food. Unhealthy lifestyles, including nutrition, leads to the development of states, called in medicine beriberi, ie lack of basic vitamins. And this is not cool, a direct threat not only correct, but also inPosted in General eventual functioning of all organs and body systems. The degree of importance of the influence of the components of omega-3 in our body can not be overstated, since it is quite impressive. Due to the normalization of vitamin balance and regular use of foods rich in the omega-3 complexes, there is a noticeable normalization of suchthe most important systems of the body as the cardiovascular, immune, musculoskeletal, nervous. There is an alignment and normalization of blood pressure significantly progresses memory and thinking, becomes strikingly better vision, and most importantly - strengthens the immune system (in fact, what we have as a child and forced to drink the nasty fish Ms.p, as well as organized fishing days). The main source of this product are the fatty tissues of the north, rich in natural oil, fish (such as sardines). Moreover, it is preferable from the point of view of safety of micronutrients, eat fresh or canned fish. In addition, rich in Omega-3 are: flax seeds, canola oil andunzhuta, eggs, spinach, sprouts, seeds, beans, strawberries, and so on. d.

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