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The term logo appeared in the early 19th century in the printing environment . In the 20th century became the logocall the font style, or a sign that would mean goods or organization. This is an important element of the company's image, is used for individualization of the company. They feature the products of various companies in the same industry.
- A sign or emblem used by enterprises to improve, recognition in the society. Logo creation beginsXia after the idea. The information obtained from different points, it is the first to have the idea of ??creating a logo. Development takes a multi-step process, looking for a lot of interesting solutions offer the customer the best that should match up with the brand and the consumer. The development of the chosen concept in detail using a variety of mediaand elements of corporate identity. Logo customer gets the final shape and colors. Of sources - is the final stage, the customer can use the style elements on different media, promotional materials, business documents, business cards. The logo must be easy to use, like its owner, because he has wotvetstvovat requirements, laws, rules. This product should be the essence, soul, symbol. And then the business will move very well. Very important in the logo should be right to create it. To not alarmed client, but rather only attracted to cooperate. Logo design - a kind of extraordinary art owned by specialists who design logos that are true companies and owners.

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