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Have you ever wonderedCamping on why one product is also in the original language and adapted, translated version has a completely different stylistic, emotional, cultural, social mood? Case as in the fact that during the translation of the original text in any language information adaptation mechanism is activated. That is, in simple terms ismeans that any, even the smallest nation has its own cultural, religious, social and behavioral traditions that evolved historically in the background geographic location and relations with neighbors. Every nation has its own linguistic "I" in the form of language that reflects all of the above features of the people. Completelyie it is natural that in such circumstances, the same concept in different languages ??will not only sound different, but will have different phonetic form, subtext and all perception by native speakers. For example, the English word "snowstorm" in Russian translates literally as "blizzard", and in the Russian language has more than 15 synonymous phoRM, each of which, in turn, has a different conceptual justification. In such circumstances, when a person is involved in the process of learning a foreign language, such as German, it is recommended to read books and watch movies on the original (non-adapted) language. This will help not only to more fully understand the principles of peqand, but also to master its characteristic stylistic notes. In the study of the German language, will be particularly useful in watching the movie You've Got Mail ("Em @ il f ü r Dich").

The film tells the story of language 2 copyist (Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly) on the Internet. They both have a life partner, but to understand each other   in the presentyaschemu they can only. Kathleen inherited from the mother's store of children's books. She has subordinated the third employee. For all of them this store is not just a place to work, but also a point of humanity, culture and spirituality. Joe also has a book business but larger than Kathleen. It has a network of book stores. He openedAET new store near Kathleen. He still dares to talk to her, and walks into her shop on the pretext of buying books for children. So Joe and Kathleen talked for the first time live. A little later, Kathleen realizes that Joe this is its main competitor, because of which she could lose her store, because the price of books in his supermarketahu below. Kathleen forcesno hate him for it. A parallel with the their internet novel continues to flourish.

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