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The most common cause of losslos - is stress, lack of folic acid, hormonal changes, diseases (influenza, anemia), metabolic disorders. If a person per day lost more than 50-60 volosin, such a loss is considered to be in excess of the norm. Next we will look at what are the ways and:

  • The easiest and most effective option refos with the problem - it is the application of castor oil. Before applying the oil to warm up a bit, and then lubricate the scalp and wrap head with a towel for about five hours. This property is repeated 1-2 times a week for 2 months. Actively growing hair immediately become thick and no longer fall out.
  • Another very simple method is: mix approximately 40 grams of onion juice, 10 grams of cognac, 50 grams of decoction of burdock root. Rub in a head wrap, then rinse, do every day.
  • In very abundant loss, the most effective folk remedy is the most common nettle, it is necessary to cutak rule before its flowering. Make an ordinary broth and rinse your head after each wash.
  • It has long been in the rapid loss and strengthening the use of hop cones broth, 1 tablespoon, pour a glass of boiling water, cook for 30 minutes and rub into hair with cold.

  A long time ago the most wonderful and simple tool for hair restoration used this recipe:

  • juice bulbs Kastornoye oil, one egg yolk. For 40minut before washing your hair to rub this mixture in the head and roll up. Rinse and carefully comb because the skin does rasparina not to damage. Repeat this course of prescription nPeriodically, about 2-5 times every month. Another tip to avoid hair loss every night you need to rub the hair roots powder of crushed seeds of parsley.

Using these recipes in no way harm your body, but only its support. Try different ways and see the tieorazhivayuchy result.

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