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Mass, one might even say a global tendency towards the computerizationand society leads to a legitimate need most of the time to keep handy multifunction devices operating on the principle of handheld computers and able to quickly solve many problems. It is possible to contemplate the example of modern smartphones and tablets, which have long been ingrained in our minds. Nevertheless, in spite of itsth mobility and small, is very convenient for transport size, they can not in terms of its hardware capabilities to compete on an equal footing with personal computers, equipment which is directly focused on the implementation of the broader and more complex tasks. In turn, any modern PC does not have the mobility that it may have potrebovat user. Naturally, in such circumstances, there should be an intermediate option, which would be equally successfully solve these two problems, and this option is certainly a laptop.

What laptop?

Notebook - a compact, foldable gadget, which combines all basic devices elder brother- Monitor, system unit, keyboard, mouse (in this case - a touchpad), etc. Its main advantage is mobility, ie, it can be easy to carry and use at any desired location for it, even without connection to the mains. In this case, of course, the duration of the work will depend on the type and charge the built-accumulativemolecular weight of the battery. Naturally, to minimize the size entails a decrease in performance, but at the present stage noutbukostroeniya this problem is solved quite easily, because the market there is a huge number of laptop models that have different characteristics and performance. Naturally, in such circumstances, there is the problem ofMa selection of which we will talk a little later in the article.

How to choose a laptop to work?

The scope of the use of notebooks is quite wide, from which, in fact, its characteristics and the range is so wide. It's one thing if the gadget must be used at home, in privatenot particularly productive purposes, and quite another - to work, especially so specific as design, engineering, design, which requires the device to use a high performance and highly specialized, for example. Given that any modern laptop is packed with a variety of features that regularitiesto increase its price range of the device to perform specific professional tasks. Here, it all depends not additional functions (WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI   etc.), as used in avionics characteristics.

It is obvious that such work will need high-ustroystvo quite resource-intensive, and it is first necessary to note:

  • RAM. Minimum - 8 GB, although it is desirable to increase the level and up to 16 GB;
  • processor. It is desirable to have a central brain, at least 4-core;
  • graphics card. You must use professional, or quite powerfuls playing cards with a storage capacity at least 2GB;
  • hard disk. It is recommended to use one or two highly resourceful hard disk with a storage capacity of 1000 GB;
  • Monitor. Based on the specifics of the alleged problems, the matrix computer screen should be at least at the level of IPS or MVA.

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