Lost in translation or learning Japanese


The history of mankind has many thousands of yearsand many existing crop for this time. According to the old legend of the biblical Tower of Babel at the time of the alleged triumph of humanity, God punished him for his self-confidence and "awarded" the people of various language of. In terms of productivity - it is, of course, a serious obstacle, but with ynet of diversity in cultural terms - is obvious and enormous achievement. There are languages ??that are used widely and universally, internationally, official level (for example, English, Spanish, French, Chinese), and there are those that are used in a narrower national level. One such language is Japanese, hozhdix which is often limited to the Japanese archipelago, but that does not make it not interesting. On the contrary, it is a country that now afflicts us a harmonious combination of high technologies (by the way, one of the most advanced) and trembling reverence culture of their ancestors. It is an ancient country with ancient, very interesting and instructive traditsiyami, knowing that it will be interesting and instructive to many people around the world. Of course, for more accurate and balanced understanding of people, their mentality and culture can not do without studying Japanese language .

Features Japanese

The study of anyforeign as well as native, language - is a complex process that must take into account all its aspects (vocabulary, phonetics, grammar, spelling, etc. .). At the same time, some languages ??are easier to learn because of their common regional framework (for example, a language based on Latin - English, nometsky, Italian, etc., or the Cyrillic alphabet - Ukrainian, Russian, etc.). In the case of the Japanese language, its linguistic base is completely different from our usual Cyrillic and latinichnoy bases, and therefore calls initial fears and misunderstandings that may specifically slow down the process still in its initial stage.

How to proceed to the studyeniyu Japanese language ?

As mentioned above, the study of language - is a complex process, and any set of measures has certain structural sequence which greatly simplifies and organizes the process. In the case of the Japanese language, beforeto begin its study, you must understand the following truths:

  1. First, you must clearly understand that this language is one of the most difficult in the study (for the reasons mentioned above), which is based on ruthless require effort and patience;
  2. Second, in the case of the Japanese language concept of "cramming" well EstesTwain. And with the need to cram a lot, because the variety required by the base material to grammar and kanji syllabary strikes;
  3. In the third, the Japanese language requires constant practice because without it he forgets much faster than the others.

The list of necessary items forstudying Japanese language includes the following items:

  • dictionary translation;
  • kanji dictionary;
  • Set the recipe for syllabary (Hiragana, Katakana);
  • tutorial.

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