Kindergarten: private vs state


Directly after the baby is born, caring parents make plans for the near and sometimes distant future. And there is nothing strange, because they want to provide their child the utmost care and complete care. With all this almost inevitably raises the question: "To what kindergarten to give your child?".

This occurs not because parents do not want to spend all my time with kid, but because of the crazy rhythm of modern life, which popout does not allow even the most caring parents to give up their careers and the truth is a bright future of a child greatly depends on the welfare moms and dads.

In Ukraine there are 2 island version of the kindergartens are private and public. Next, we take a closer look at the "+" and "-" of these institutions, in order to understand where it is better to give your child and tell us about this fellow eco-Studio is a BONOBO .


Terms of stay

State kindergartens do not always have adequate funding in order to contain in an ideal order outdoor playgrounds, furniture and interior. Some domestic and nearly all repair issues often parents decide for themselves through donations for specific purposes or direct assistance: for example, moms can on the weekends to clean the Windows, and dad to fix the swing. In this matter private kindergarten favorably, because the cost of the child's education included a certain amount that goes directly to the maintenance of the kindergarten is in excellent condition. There is always a quality repair, good dishes and good furniture.



Selecting a kindergarten, it is necessary to clarify what is in the daily menu. There are municipal kindergartens where the kids can offer an excellent diet, but there are not taken into account of the preferences and habits of the child. So, if the child refuses to eat a certain dish, I'd rather he just stay hungry until your next meal. Paid kindergarten differs in this matter an individual approach to all children, then take into consideration all personal needs and culinary tastes of the baby. Moreover, the quality of the food is often better.



About kindergarten, special attention should be paid to its pedagogic and teaching staff. Staff pay pre-school institutions is very carefully selected. There are professional teachers of initial classes, which can quickly and efficiently prepare the child for the 1st school + experts in the field of psychology and medicine. Teachers of public kindergartens should also have the highest education, though in practice it turns out that the selection is carried out at a much lower criteria due to the lack of people willing to be teachers, because of the small salaries.

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