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Those involved sports long and seriously, do not even think my life is different. For them, the sport - it's all life,hobby, to achieve its goal, raising volitional qualities, work. Sport has always been very popular, but now its popularity is growing more and more, and now lead a healthy way of life has become very fashionable. Many parents understand the importance of sport and became happy to enroll their children in sports clubs.


Boxing – is one of those sports wishing to engage in that has always been in excess.   Boxing is rightly called the sport of all peoples and times. Sports translated from drevnelatinskogo « disport » means fun. Specifically, this term is very suitable for this sport, every fist bou when « wall » on « wall » was a favorite pastime of the stronger sex. But times change, and boxing still remains the most spectacular sport that attracts millions of viewers to the blue screen during matches. Boxing – it is not just a fight, it can be compared with the art it is a tactic, and the ability to think strategicallybe, and the beauty of movement in the ring.


But boxing – it is also a traumatic sport, all kinds of injuries, bruises, fractures accompany athletes constantly. That's why you need a good sports equipment to protect themselves a little bit. One of the most vulnerable placesis a person, and to protect the teeth, cheeks and lips need. It's such a soft plastic or silicone pad on the teeth. Such an element of protection now mandatory in amateur and professional boxing, boxer without caps will not release does not ring, in addition, each athlete must have a spare during the battle.

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All caps are divided into two types (which can be formed, and those that do not lend themselves to forming), and two species (odnochelyustnye and dvuchelyustnye). In addition, the capacitor can be classified on the basis of this Standard, thermoplastic, individual. But that's not all, it would seem, the cap in place and a boxerinjured, which means that the cap does not fit. In this case, it is necessary to use a mouthpiece made individually, taking into account the anatomical structure of the jaw and teeth bite athlete. And then never as a joke when a boxer is asked:

- What is the most important thing in boxing?
- Shuby-, he says.
- KaKie coats?
- Healthy front fur!

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