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In meetings with foreign business partnerss need someone who knows two languages ??perfectly. Previously, such events were used consecutive interpreting. It makes people spend too much time and impairs the interaction between the speaker and the audience.

Over time, various meeting

s and conferences began to be actively used simultaneous translation. You will need linguists, who at a very high level, speak a foreign language. In addition, it is necessary to additionally use special equipment. Each of the participants in a business meeting has a pair of headphones and a microphone, which connected to the pensdcheskoy booth. So people at the same time we hear the speaker and the translation.

In some cases, the translator knows in advance the text of the speaker and he needs time to begin to read it. However, in this case, the linguist must have a high level of practice, because the speaker may deviate from the given text,make a few remarks and additions. Furthermore, the text interpreter can get a few minutes before the meeting and it is not physically have time to fully process it.

Features of an interpreter

Simultaneous interpreting is usually performed by two professional linguist. They work onshifts 2.5-3.5 hours. Under a heavy load is difficult to maintain a good concentration. Simultaneous translation – is the hardest kind of oral work. It requires a linguist as an ideal language skills, and a good response and resistance to psychological stress.

Simultaneous interpretation allowsseveral times to reduce the time necessary for negotiations. It also allows the presenter to the audience to feel better, because he also hears original speech and its interpretation.

In the major international meetings can work in parallel even a few dozen linguists. This nAllows you to hold meetings with participants from completely different countries. A professional translator must clearly and competently speak their native language, have a good memory and are well versed in the subject of conversation. To do this, it is pre-familiarize with materials activities.

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