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In recent years, its popularity is rapidly conquering the Squareanshety, which is not surprising because of the many advantages: compact size and the ability to solve many everyday tasks. So if we want to extend the operation of our tablet is important to observe and know how to care for them. It is logical that in order to protect the tablet will be the set of all the accessories and the most propagationlence are covers. Each case has its pros and cons, and our task is to pick the right one, and thus to keep it intact. Tablet and cover should ideally match. It depends on the size of the diagonal of the display plate, which is from 7 to 13.3 inches. For example, in Ukraine the most popular are the following Planchetyou: Google Nexus (7 inches), Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch), iPad 4 (10 inches). But not menne demand and tablets 9, 9.4 and 9.7 inches. By the way, buy and Drigo form factors you can buy in the store Europe Mob.

There is a huge variety of covers:

  • Bumper – protects the back and corner   of the housing, wherein the display is not protected. Therefore, quick access to the tablet, and the weight and volume is not increased;
  • Case — back cover-pad protects the body. The main disadvantage of – the screen is left without protection;
  • Case-rotator — for those who actively use the tablet is the most suitable option. Fully closed casing and screen device and turning mechanism – allows you to change the position from vertical to horizontal;
  • Case-book — reliable option completeprotect your tablet, in addition to design resembles a real book;
  • Carry bag –   the best option for people who travel frequently, as completely covers the tablet from external influence.

With all the above said it bettere best to choose a universal model. In practice, the most commonly used-book covers are made of natural and artificial leather, preferably with an inner lining made of soft fabric.

To emphasize their own style and create an image of modern man more complete cover to choose which is more closeyou design and color, and can meet your tastes and habits.

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