What is a rodent control


In an effort to subdue the nature of the self and make your life bolits comfortable, people now and then is faced with all sorts of obstacles. For example, people built their own house, brought him to order, filled furniture and various useful things, equipped pantry where you store tools and supplies. It would seem that it is a fortress, which can not get none of the adversary, but nevertheless,even the most serious safety precautions can not keep the house and all his belongings from the eternal enemy of man, pest, constantly chasing him throughout its history - rodents. Rats, mice, voles - that's just the most frequently mentioned pests, rodents and all that could somehow spoil the property chelovESA has about three thousand species. Fight the rodents can be natural (using, for example, cats) or application (various poisons). The process of destruction of rats, mice and other species of rodents called deratting. During its long history of communication with these types of pests, people developed a lot of methods deratisationii. If earlier used mostly natural methods, i.e. the application to natural enemies rodents (cats), or the use of various mouse traps, traps baited, now mostly used techniques with practical use of toxic substances. Among them, the most commonly used variety of food whetherbo gaseous toxic substances and devices for ultrasonic rodent repellent. Especially popular are the so-called poison-coagulants, which cause internal bleeding in rodents and their subsequent death.

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