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Sunglasses are protected from direct exposure to the eyeSolar and ultraviolet rays. These points were first introduced in the North, and were in the form of loci wooden bark with a slotted small slits for the eyes. Great spectacles appeared in 1929, and there were polarized in 1936 (with the Polaroid lens filter). These glasses have a very large function in everyday life. They not only protect from the raysbut also improve the clarity of vision, protect against a bright shine. Experts recommend wearing sunglasses that filter 100% of UV that causes problems such as cataracts, blindness, photokeratitis. Sunglasses must-carry children as they have a delicate lenses than adults. By the way, men's fashion and you can buy nand the company's website Harry Cooper.

Points are 5 degrees of protection:

  1. Strong - from bright daylight;
  2. Average - for driving;
  3. The maximum - for the highlands;
  4. Prozrachnye – to be worn at night or at dusk;
  5. Light - to be worn on a cloudy day.

Spectacle lenses are: glass, plastic, acrylic. Frames are made of various plastics, nylon, metal alloy.

Sunglasses — etabout not only an accessory for the beach, but also fashionable and stylish image of a beautiful woman. Choose her the subject need only a high degree of protection, otherwise they would not make any sense, except for outer beauty. They are even in the winter, when the sun is reflected from snow and ice. Fashion trends change from year to year and the choice should always take into account this IzyaMincu. For fashionistas important factor is chosen by shoes or handbag glasses, and then will look perfectly natural and naturally.

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