The advantages of living in a big city


Lifestyle any person directly depends upon himself, his preferences, desires andskills. That is why in the socio-economic context of any gossudarstva, especially developing (for example, Ukraine, Russia and other former Soviet satellites) sufficiently clear tendency to migration razgrazhdeniya. Therefore, we have provincial, quiet, environmentally quite well, but sparsely populated and under-laneising the city and, on the other hand, large, dirty, but with ample opportunities megacities. And traced quite consistent trend of out-migration from the province, its expansion and consolidation. What causes a person to radically change his life-changing housing on new and unknown? Metropolis, as well as a small provincialth town also has its positive and negative aspects, which should clearly understand and accept for themselves, standing, as they say, at a crossroads, and choosing their future.

clear advantages of a big city are:

  • a wide range of areas and vacanciesin the labor market, as well as, respectively, significantly higher wages;
  • huge career prospects, improve their own qualification level, acquire new knowledge, skills and useful experience;
  • wide and far better opportunities in education the sociallinen service, access to all the benefits of an advanced civilization.

But even a real advantage as can not take away certain disadvantages of such a change of scenery, including high cost, increasing the initial requirements of employers, the moment of adaptation, bad ecology.
So, decideto try their hand at a new place, it should be very carefully prepared, weigh the pros and cons.

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