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The modern man is so well developed, and how vulnerable due to this development. Etc.When in use, the vulnerability of this part is not so much physical as psychological. This is quite clearly reflected in this moment, as a condition of the teeth, or rather, the lack thereof. The problem is, let's face it is not new, because a person loses his teeth throughout their history. That's just as much attention to that was not there before. Modernfritted world of fashion and style has formed a kind of idealistic image that fits in a snow-white, full Hollywood smile and certainly not the gaps in the dentition. This problem and are constantly engaged Prosthodontist, but most of the hitherto widely used methods need arose processing of adjacent teeth (so-calledFirst, the bridge prosthesis). The use of innovative methods of implantation, can solve this problem radically different way. Firstly, you need to clearly understand what it is, what it is made and how to perform. Implantation - a kind of prosthetics, in which the bone tissue is implanted artificial jaw threaded pin -analogue of the tooth root. Moreover, the key is the term "implantation" or osseointegration, i.e., matching the implant with the bone tissue. Such a process is possible by using special materials, biocompatible (ie, does not cause rejection) with the jaw bone - titanium alloys. This artificial root is used for mounting on a IPartificially shaped tooth - crown. This approach allows to eliminate adentia without affecting adjacent teeth.

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