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In fact, we all know, the aging of the human body&Mdash;   the result of free radical damage to the cell structure. This process leads to internal   changes and aging, as a consequence there are visible signs of external aging, they cause panic and fear in every person.  

The first degree of aging, we see at once in zercal reflection on our skin. Due to the damage of lipids and proteins, free radicals that destroy collagen chains, collagen production decreases and changes the structure of the elements of the skin. All these factors weaken the skin and dermis area having a low level of collagen begin to sag slightly, then wrinkles start to appear. &Nbsp;

Fortunately, today there is a unique protection system developed by our body in order to be able to fight free radicals, their main driving force - antioxidants. Scientists have found that the antioxidant itself has the ability to neutralize free radicals thatleads to the prevention of aging of the skin and the body as a whole.  

New exclusive complex developed by scientists of the company Vision, has the ability to turn the arrows biological clock back and lost the radiance of our youth will return thanks to the powerful effect of anti-age – here '+ & nbsp ;. Novath complex rejuvenates the entire body system. Balanced formula LivLon '+   contains ten, one of the most powerful, effective antioxidants.

All antioxidants that are part of the formula   LiveLon ’ +, protect the body and put the protection that can neutralize aggressiveeffects of free radicals. The second important element of the complex - to prevent excessive formation of these radicals before they can damage other molecules; restore damaged molecules, which leads to longevity.

The system includes:

  • The extract of Sophora JapOni, amaranth and acai berries, while slowing down the aging process, protects the cell DNA compacted walls of blood vessels, reduces their brittleness, and also lowers blood cholesterol levels
  • The extract of green tea, lycopene, astaxanthin and having a carotenoid, is a powerful antioxidant that performs defense against oxidantnyh stress, reduces the possibility of the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevents photo-aging process, maintains the health of your eyes.
  • Chlorophyll, selenomethionine, resveratrol and ubiquinol — sidnye natural antioxidants as part of   LivLon ’ + they impede the process of aging, maintain skin elasticity.

  All components in the complex LivLon '+   have a rejuvenating effect and synergistic effects on all   human tissues and organs.

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