Automation for gates CAME


Production of any product should be performed several hundred-sided manufacturers, each of which can offer its constructive vision and a price quote. It is a normal practice that ensures healthy competition, exchange of experience, improvement of existing and emerging technologies, the birth of really reputable manufacturers with a worldwide reputation as saying. In the world of awtomatiki for door systems, gates, the undisputed leader of a group CAME. During his more than thirty-five years on the market, this Italian company has significantly expanded as the size and scale of its production, quality and variety of products and a network of branches throughout the world, and at the same time acquired a solid reputation and millions of grateful cellsientov. Gate is one of the best in the world. Leading position in the field of door systems are strongly held thanks to constantly improving the quality system, supported by special certificates and constant vigilance control.

In addition, each year improving existing and developing new, perspprojective konstruktivy automatic movement of door panels, access control in certain areas. In this regard, the company's product range is wide enough to accessories and turnstiles to control and automation systems for parking, Barrier, door systems. CAME is a world leader in the field of automation for RAspashnyh, sliding doors and gates. Her konstruktivy and automation can effectively manage completely different in size systems, weighing from 300 kg to 3.5 tonnes, doors from 2 to 8 meters.

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