What is the shutters


The design solution of any building must assume the presence of certain basicelements, such as doors and windows. The latter are used for the organization of natural lighting, as well as periodic ventilation. Sometimes, a light stream must be adjusted (usually decrease), so it is necessary to provide for the presence of certain other elements and devices. From inside the premises this poperform eh curtains or blinds, and with external, often - shutters. By the way, you can in "Garde-URAL". In fact, the shutters can be considered a type of blinds, which have been fixed, non-rotating slats. Another feature and the difference is the method of folding if the blinds are pulled together in a stack of lamellae, the shutters Skruchivayutsya a roll block. This explains another roller shutter structural differences, which is necessary to install two guiding systems and trunking drum twisting. Also, shutters, or, as they are called blinds are an excellent basic function: blinds at this function is adjustable with respect to the light flux, and the role ofshutters its main functions are protective (against penetration, weather conditions and factors). In this connection, any roller shutter equipped with mechanisms (locks) and can be inserted into any opening (window, door). As additional, shutters also perform the function of heat and sound insulation. Based on the design and operating featuresand shutters should be equipped with folding mechanism, ie drives. They can be either manual (by type of blinds) and electric, remote.

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