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valgus deformity of the first toe in the peoplecalled « bump on his feet & raquo ;. Unfortunately, the deviation of the first metatarsal bone of the foot (Hallux valgus) – quite common among the fair sex.

However, the curvature of the slope of the metatarsal bone of the thumb occurs on the inner side, resulting in bulgingXia bone and formed the so-called « bump & raquo ;. Drastic violation of the anatomical structure of the foot in the form of large lumps on his thumb, « molotokoobraznogo » second finger, flattened foot, painful corns and grated manifested in an advanced stage of the disease.

On ArticleStick is the most common orthopedic pathology, 50% of women have this disease of varying severity. A study of the causes and development of diseases medical scientists have come to the conclusion that the emergence and development of provoking factors are:

  • Geneticpredisposition – female half of generations has « family bump » on the big toe. However, scientists have noted that the hereditary factor is not determinative;
  • The structure of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus of women is more elastic than men, so prone to pathological etc.otsessam;
  • Previously migrated cartilage disease (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus) or received a foot injury;
  • Flatfoot and as a result, uneven load on the foot is the cause of hallux valgus;
  • The negative effects of wearing tight shoes with high heels.

Treatment of protruding bone on the foot

unsightly protruding bones and flattened foot woman deliver physical inconvenience and discomfort, naturally the question arises: how to remove the bumps on the feet? By abouting fatigue, heaviness in the legs and burning in the legs added serious problems associated with disorders of the spine and hip. Similar symptoms may be present in gout, x-rays and laboratory tests ensure the correct diagnosis.

The study of the biomechanics of valgusdeformation in each case allows you to use the most appropriate method of treatment:

  • Conservative therapy includes a range of therapeutic interventions (exercise therapy, physiotherapy, manual therapy, massage). In the outpatient surgery center wideused for reflexology and the stretching method. For individual patient made orthotics, which normalize balancing, backup, jogging and spring function of the foot. An integrated approach suspends deformation processes and provides a positive result;
  • The surgical method (osteotomy) is practiced in the later stages of the disease. The main objective of surgical treatment is to restore the correct anatomical structure of the foot.

Innovative developments allow for correction of the deformed metatarsal closed methodOperation with valgus deformity of the 1st finger on Mac Bright. The old method of removing the cones on the foot based on the fixation of the corrected foot metal elements, which required a second operation to remove the bulky designs.

The modern technique eliminates cuts metatarsals Drum Scrapersplyayutsya special screws, which do not require subsequent removal. On the operated leg plaster is not imposed, the patient wears special shoes. The recovery period takes place in the home, the patient quickly returns to an active life.

Contact a early stage of the disease, the correct diagnosis ofespechit effective treatment.

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