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Often students who have to pass the IELTS test, I'm afraid to make pauses in speech during the speaking section, especially in the beginning, when the question just asked. It is believed that it is impossible to hesitate answering the question. Is this true and do I really have to say without interruption?

Silence is not scary

If you are asked a question or you are unsure of what to say, there is nothing wrong to make a small pause to think. Absolutely no need to panic in such a situation. Even when you speak your own native language, you often fall silent for a few seconds to ponder his remark. It doesn't look unnatural most importantly, the pause does not take too much time.

of Course, for a long time do not be silent. If you do not respond to the question, the examiner may think that you do not understand it. This is not a very good thought too long can negatively affect your assessment. Therefore do not tighten with the thought.

be Sure to show that you understand the question

Even if you have a few seconds to think about the answer, don't forget to respond to the question. Don't just be silent or quiet panic. Do not create the examiner a false impression that you don't understand what you are asking.

the First thing you need to Express nonverbal cues. Smile, looking at the source it shows your confidence and understanding of the issue. While you smile, just to think, what will be your first cue. Even if you need more time, better to have something to say to begin with.

you Show that you are thinking over the answer, not just sit and be quiet. You can say something like hmm , adding myself a little more time to think through a replica. This is normal and is often used by native speakers in similar situations.

don't forget to use phrases, which in English are called fillers (fillers). These are the words and expressions showing that you are thinking about the answer, but not yet ready to Express their thoughts. For example, you can say Hmm, that's an interesting question. Let me think about it . This will be useful in the middle of the response if suddenly pondered in front of the phrases you can use words Well/Actually/I believe/I suppose, and similar.

Importantly, be confident and don't be afraid. Then your result will surprise you.

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