The feasibility of using and varieties of electric heating


the Heating is 1 of the most safe, convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly varieties of different areas.

this kind of heating there is only a 1-in a significant disadvantage is the high price of electrical energy in comparison with other varieties of fuel, for example gas. But when to connect to the gas pipeline there is no opportunity - the use of electric heating may be appropriate.

moreover, today there are various varieties and as a result, for your apartment, cottage or house you can pick the best option.


Varieties of electric heating

Now there is a huge variety of equipment and devices with which to carry out the heating of the apartment or private home. Namely:

  • electric convectors;
  • electric boilers of various types;
  • far infrared heaters;
  • oil coolers;
  • electric heaters;
  • warm electric floors.

Any of these types of electric heating has its own advantages / disadvantages and can be applied in any other case.


is it Advisable to use electric heating?

the Use of this type of heating is advisable only when the payment for the consumed the electrical energy is not for man "a heavy burden". In this sense, today, electric heating, very difficult to compete with gas heating. However, if you connect gas, no opportunity and no desire to heat my house with solid fuel, electric heating is a superb alternative. In order to use it as your primary, you have to make three-phase input. Otherwise, the equipment is of sufficient capacity to apply will be impossible.

in Order to reduce the cost of electrical energy, it is necessary to install a programmable rate meter, apply directly for heating the best rate (though it operates only at night for 8 h) and to combine electric heating with other varieties (for example, day to heat their homes solid fuel boiler, and at night by electricity).

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