Liposuction in German clinics

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specialists of the clinic of cosmetic and plastic surgery "Pantheon" from the German city of Cologne annually carry out hundreds of operations to remove excess fat. the Liposuction in Germany s is one of the leading places speaking about the plastic appearance correction. In addition, the methods used can achieve the visual effect of persistent fast enough, what impresses patients. This procedure is popular among men and women, but the simplicity and attractiveness lie some serious points that should pay attention.


Given the lifestyle and eating habits of the modern society, it is not surprising that the issue of obesity as a serious disease worth more than ever. To consider liposuction in this way can only partly for the following reasons:

  • first, resection of portion of body fat does not affect the General mechanisms of development and progression of the disease. Recall that obesity as a disease is uniquely characterized by its own pathogenesis;
  • second, during one surgery may involve removing only certain parts of excess fat, because otherwise it may form negative health and life conditions.

therefore, liposuction can be considered by and large a cosmetic procedure practiced by the German plastic surgeons for the local correction of the geometry of the patient's body.

Techniques "Pantheon"

Network of clinics of plastic and cosmetic surgery in d?sseldorf and Cologne directs of a prominent specialist in this field Dr. Georgios Christopoulos. Under his leadership, carried out liposuction using several classical and innovative approaches:

  • Base method can be considered invasive tumescent liposuction, where the area of audit introduced a special anesthetise solution. This leads to the destruction of fat cells and easier aspiration;
  • the
  • Ultrasonic, vibration, laser liposuction includes a preliminary non-invasive impact on the area of fatty tissue to destroy cells. After the preparatory procedure, there is a direct invasive liposuction using a special cannula.

Modern approaches to the problem used in the "Pantheon", allow you to speed up the procedure, reduce trauma, pain and risk of complications.


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