Liposuction: what is it?

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Age, health, lifestyle, addiction or otherwise affect the formation of body fat in different parts of the body. Remove them by natural means, for example, adherence to diet, dieting or physical exercise, it is not always possible, and the time it will take well. One of the fundamental methods of solving the problem is surgery or liposuction, which is widely practiced in the German clinic of plastic surgery Villa Bella.


based on a number of different preservatives and similar substances daily consumes an average inhabitant of our planet, it is not surprising that the problem of excess weight and obesity is becoming increasingly important. Deposits in the abdominal area, buttocks or thighs can have different volumes, but in any case, it looks extremely unsightly. To deal with such "defects" can be, and should be, but a traditional diet or figurante can't give an instant result. They need to combine and work hard for a certain period of time.

therefore, liposuction is often a really effective method for radically reducing the amount of fat. This procedure is surgical, but if we talk about its applicability for therapeutic purposes, it is not so clear.
For example, if we are talking about obesity as such, liposuction is unlikely to produce a radical result. The fact that this disease has a distinct pathogenesis, which in this way cannot be influenced, and remove in one large amount of fat is unacceptable.

If we talk about liposuction as a cosmetic procedure, things are much better. In this case, the patient and the physician are not dealing with severe disease, and the elimination of excess fat will give much faster and more pronounced result.
After surgery, the patient is recommended a month and a half recovery period. Since the fat layer is organized connective tissue, then regular activity can permanently save the form.


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