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VSI Chuli phrase: "Advertising - TSE dvigun Targus". And reklamni directory, in turn, a efektivnim zasobom adver. Although those scho vigotovlennya directory (design, layout, print) - TSE to dosit road zadovolennya, many of virobnichih I of trading companies directory vykorystovuyutsia Yak sasb advertising to sales their goods. By the way, in CIV of semovita vigotovlennya advertising directory you can at compan "Siti Kyiv Print":.

Reklamn directories buuut two widw:

  • Torgov directories;
  • medzev (predstavnicki) directories.

Torgov directories nesut pure reklamnu function - TSE is tovariv s zakladnim the description I photos. If necessary I dozvola budget, datesa short nstrukcja zastosuvannya. U deyakih directories comrades predstavlen s cnou, which is very convenient and stimulu shvidki uchwalenie rsena about the purchase.

Medzev (predstavnicki) directories znalosti spojovaci s DALnet compan . . dostoinstvami. Predstavljajut services compan, h features I perevahy.


Navso potreben of reklamni directory?

vdmo from the brochure of reklamni directory zabezpiecze all, what need for zdiysnennya purchases: products, prices, and information about the company (for blso dowry) and so on.

Although those scho zdiysnennya purchases via Internet zblast, many of onlinewhich pockepc Yak as I uvajaut for better spochatku pereglyanulis of drukovaniy of reklamni directory. Blissthe of Pribytkova rostra companies vykorystovuyutsia pognana traditsii magazinw, reklamnih catalog Internetu.

ot way to pribytkovoj - TSE stvorennya great catalogs for expensive products. I has one kind of Pribytkova catalog - TSE speculate. Scho b VI is not sold, TSI principles for more efektivn catalog dopomozhut you prodavati more products.

the Square of that from hto bude struvite of reklamni directory for VASO frmi, VI Sami ABO professionals, you should know nobility principle stvorennya effektivnih catalogs , that dopomozhut panati realsize your goods at Novi riven.

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