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Summer - a wonderful period of change wardrobe, addin his bright colors and accents. However, to your image was intact, and should take care of the beauty of your hands, so that they were ready for the summer season! About fashion trends manicure and nail art training according to a new edition of "Morning Coffee". Interlocutor leading Olga Danyluk was a woman, which is not simply amanicurist, and she teaches this art. Guests "morning coffee" - is the founder of the "School of nail service" in Rivne, Julia Schablinska.

- Now you are the founder of the "School of nail service & raquo ;, not only themselves master and experience and pass others. And tell me, remember how it all began?

- It all started spontaneously. I was a good student at the university, after graduation stayed there to work, but eventually realized that the state - not mine. I was attracted to the profession manicurist, I went to preparatory courses, eventually attended various training courses. Gradually formed a base of loyal customers, I TCIsnout her salon, and later a school of manicure.

- And how long have operated your school?

- himself already exists Salon year. A "School of nail service" for two years. We provide basic training masters of nail manicure and refresher courses.

- And the EUI have to say about the groups of study that you are typing, how many people are usually in a group? How is the learning process?

- The advantage of our training that we treat every person that we learn. The group may be a maximum of five people. Groups recruit at regular intervals, because in addition to their studies,I still have and their clients. Usually, I type the group every two weeks.

- Many people wonder whether getting your graduate certificates after completing the course? It is now important to have confirmation of qualification.

- This is a relevant question, because not all have the right to teach, and not all have the right to issue diplomas. Teacherinstructor must complete the courses, studying not only the basics of the profession, and teaching methods for this profile. Only after defending their skills instructor receives the relevant documents which give the right to teach and issue a diploma. In this regard, I also help teacher education I received.

- Byak consumer is convinced that many are interested in what materials you use in your work and how to comment on the ratio of "price-quality"?

- Fortunately, in Ukraine is a lot of competition. We have many experts of nail service. Not a problem to learn as many learning via the Internet, at home. But without practice and without undergoing Sunex paces under the watchful eye of a teacher, a man can not become an expert. In addition, our work has a lot of secrets that you yourself open the process to work, so this should grow, refine and improve their skills on a daily basis. The man himself accumulating the speed, accuracy and your own style. Now Competitionbig, so you need to follow all the trends. Because if you do not improve, then you lose a customer, and he will find someone who can do what he wanted.

- Really now on the Internet almost every day we see new interesting ideas in the field of nail service. And if we talk about the new season, what eventsbut this year?

- I am pleased that our Ukrainian women take care of themselves. People have different capabilities: one more some less, but when compared with European countries, where I was, I can say that our Ukrainians are qualitatively different from them. Now the actual natural looking nails. These are the bright colors in hot yearsnyuyu time, women can afford bright shades. Women want to be beautiful for men, and it pleases. Today, women are gaining popularity kits for printing on nails that allow you to do a professional manicure at home, more details about them can be found.

- A more in colors that today treNCU?

- French, nude, but in the summer you can allow yourself the yellow, green, purple colors, all shades of red and coral. Nails aktset add a bright and uplifting.

- Previously, the nails could see bright prints, drawings, patterns, and now preserved this trend? Next draw flowers or ornaments?

- Earliermore relevant was painting, he now takes a back seat. Now you can select one or two nail some design, everything is depends on your imagination. You can look on the Internet, what you like and ask the wizard to implement it on your nails.

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