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Our memory – is the basis for us, our personality. All our actions and opportunities associated with memory. As one French writer: « all complain about the lack of memory, but no one has complained about the lack of common sense & raquo ;. But here there is a direct link. Scary to imagine what will happen to the man if he sweatryaet memory! Just Groundhog Day some work! It will have to re-teach elementary things, and every new day - the same. After all, a man with no memory forgets everything what he studied all his life, he will have to explain the basic things that knows the 5-year-old kid.

When to start to develop theirmemory?

Of course, the sooner you will start to develop their memory, the better the result. Especially, there are effective in the short term. Researchers concluded that as a child in humans is formed synapses, the contact cell processes, simplified speaking, the repository of memory. One cell may be somewhatthousands of synapses. A human neural cells in several billion. This happens as you learn new information. Ie memory develops throughout life, but more productive - in childhood and adolescence. So remember this, dear parents, and promote the development of memory in children.

What types of memorydeveloped in different periods of life?

In different periods of our lives we are more developed different types of memory. So as a child and developed imaginative and emotional memory, and in his youth and adults more - logical and imaginative. But at any age must and can train your memory. After all, if we do not move, our MouseTzu woody, atrophy. Why do you think that with the main body – brain can be ignored.

So, how to train your memory?

  1. First of all, determine the initial level of the memory. There are special tests are not going to write about them;
  2. Determine what type of memory you have more developed;
  3. The next stage of development of each individual must determine himself, based on the tasks that he sets.

The teaching of poetry in a foreign language

There are known recommendations for memory training. Here is one of them. In order to strengthen the memory is recommended to learn the poem in a foreign language that you do not know and do not understand. Do not want to argue with the authorities (and it is known that the so-coached his memory Hegel), but tell me, how is this different from the usual toothrzhki. It is well known as a student « crams » material, and safely forget it immediately after the exams. It seems that after all, a person must be of interest and the need for what he learns. Determine what you need it?


But if Mr.Necessity remember a lot of material and information that is not related to your business comes to the aid of such a method, as mnemonics. In our time, produced a huge number of mnemonic techniques. These are different tricks with Artificial associations. Remember how in school we memorized the sequence of colors of the spectrum from the phrase « Eachhunter wants to know where sits pheasant & raquo ;, the initial letters of the phrase means the name of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. A good method because it involves at its core - a joke, a play on words. A game we all love!

Phase memory training

The wisdom of man is that he is from avalanches, falls upon the information he could choose the knowledge that he needed, and he knew where to find information on a topic of interest to him.

The process of training the memory is divided into phases such as:

  • the perception of information;
  • concentration;
  • imprinting;
  • repetition.


Very interesting is the observation that the more you engage analyzers, the better appominaete. Analyzers - a hearing, smell, taste, tactile sensation and others. This comprehensive way of remembering can save 60% of the information, and under normal memorization, roughly about 25%. Another method - a new information is associated with the old, catching their semantic associations. As you can see, you can develop a memory, if you want truditsya, but you have to put effort of will and do not forget about the regular classes.

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