How to choose quality windows? Types of windows.

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When we SELiraem window, that we hope that it will serve us for a long time, to keep heat in the house and zaschitat from the street noise. Now on the market you can find many kinds of windows and anyone can get confused when searching for the most suitable option.

What are the windows is better to choose? Aluminum, wood or metalloplastikovye? All of these options have their own advantages: wooden windows - natural, and they create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort; aluminum windows have improved reliability and durability; durable plastic windows, and they do not need special care. To better understand, let's look at all the shortcomingsand the advantages and different types of windows.

Aluminium windows


  • Ideal for large areas of glazing;
  • Made from environmentally friendly material;
  • durableof (a lifespan of about 100 years);
  • They have little influence environmental factors;
  • Do not need special care;
  • Fire;
  • The strength and lightness of the material vtozhe time.


  • A higher thermal conductivity compared with PVC and wood;
  • The relatively high cost.

Metal-plastic windows


  • Dolgovechnost;
  • There are many additional colors;
  • Protection against heat, cold, noise and atmospheric phenomena;
  • PVC material does not burn;
  • Do not need special care;
  • The size andshaped windows have little or no restrictions.


  • It is almost impossible to remove scratches and other damage (only by replacing the damaged item);
  • Pass the little air;
  • In the cold - narrowed, and expand in the heat.

Wooden windows:


  • They are made from environmentally friendly material;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • BottomKaya heat and sound conductivity;
  • can be repaired;
  • strength.


  • Flammable;
  • need an annual retirement;
  • dries (deformed) and swell with the excess moisture.

So we can briefly describe the main advantages and disadvantages of the most popular materials that manufacturers use in the manufacture of windows. And some of them are set differentlybe - of course you decide. By the way the most popular on the market today are windows windows German company REHAU (get acquainted with the assortment of them you can.

consumers buying windows, we recommend:

  1. Production of windows is better to order directly from the manufacturer, not the pynkah, in stores or dealers. We produce you will be able to see all the reference samples and find out all the questions that you are interested in product quality and cost);
  2. It is better to choose the window fittings and profile systems of European manufacturers (preferably German);
  3. Manufacturer of products must have a certificate of compliance for its windows. If the certificate is not present, such products manufacturer has no right to sell, and therefore you should not buy it;
  4. Windows producer must provide the buyer with a passport that contains safeguardsobliga- tions of the manufacturer, as well as the operating rules. Lifetime warranty quality windows should be more than 3 years;
  5. windows must also have a certificate of conformity. The pane shall be marked in accordance with GOST (on the label in the lower left corner of the glass or on Distinntsionnuyu frame). Glazing has no markings - not certified;
  6. Installation of windows is better to order in a specialized construction firm. The assembly must be confirmed by the Act of reception, which includes a warranty artist installation work;
  7. Outside, on the lower frame section, the window must have a slot for removal that can get inside the profile, as well as slots for ventilation external camera profile. Also openings must zaschischatsya special plastic "fungi" against ingress of dust;
  8. When installing window units should be usedspirit level (level). Deviation sides boxes window units mounted on horizontal and vertical should not be more than 1.5 mm per 1 p. M. When the box is not installed horizontally, then they will not close and, in addition, water will accumulate in the lower corner of the outer chamber;
  9. During the 12-14 hours after installation it is better not to clean dirt, do not open the casement windows, and do not collect sag foam until it hardens.
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