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The corridor or hallway - it's the first room, which begins with a visit to any apartment. In order to make the repairs yourself corridor must first think about choosing a mateMethods and material.

The floor in the corridor are heavily loaded, so the flooring is chosen according to this indicator. Laying tiles is the most common way for underfloor wear-resistant coating. Noteworthy flooring or. In choosing the material, it is necessary to take intoaccount that the corridor most affected by pollution, especially in the Spring and Autumn Period. Floor in the corridor is better to choose linoleum or non-slip ceramic tiles. One can use the laminate, but it is necessary to consider the class material. Corridor for choosing laminate 31 to 33 class for obsches-governmental facilities, in accordance with the degree of load on it. If you choose carpet, it must be water-resistant, have a tight low pile and have properties repulsive dirt. Carpet-free cloth, rubber-based band will be for the most suitable option. For small corridor need to choose lightshades of finishing materials, it will visually increase the size of the room.

Daylighting in the hallway is usually not enough, so you need to think about the type and amount of lighting. The ceiling in the hallway, you can paste over the ceiling tiles, wallpaper, or to make or batten tensionceiling. Practical experience shows that the construction of plasterboard ceiling with integrated lighting creates a nice cozy look and provide a comfortable stay in this room.

When major repairs need to think about replacing the doors. Works on replacementDoors need to deliver on prior to repair walls and floors to all the labors were not in vain. The walls of the corridor must be resistant to moisture and damage. On the wall in the hallway can accidentally get dirt from clothes, shoes, hands, pets, came with a walk. These features to consider when choosingmaterial for covering walls. Paper wallpaper, which you plastered walls of the corridor, two years will be worn, the following street dirt in the front door, and wallpapers you will have to change. As a suitable option for Corridor suitable wallpaper for painting, they are contaminated area can be quickly and easily touch upb. You can also usage was washable with a damp sponge which can remove any dirt. The most appropriate option is considered ICs use MDF panels and plastic PVC panels that one can use the wall of the corridor. Panels can be spread not completely wall, and only the portion at the front dVeri, which is experiencing the greatest pollution. Plastic panels for easy rinsing, they tolerate wet cleaning and retain their original appearance. Slightly worse tolerate washing panel, but it is better in comparison with cleaning wallpaper. The corridor is not only a lot of walking, but also to store bikes, skis, sledges and other items. Enough to touch onoi acute angle, and they quickly lose their attractive appearance. Plastic panels are durable finishing material, which will serve you for a long time.

For the walls in the hallway are not used ceramic tile, it IS generally useful for finishing the floor. Tiles can be finishedthe lower part of the walls, which are most susceptible to contamination. Tile easy to clean, it is easy to remove dirt, so trim the bottom of the wall tiles can be considered as an option. Good repair can be made only from high quality material, and it is better not to save. justify all costs.

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